Project Controls

The most effective way to control project costs is to overlay materials management from beginning to end. CNW has sophisticated tools and techniques to integrate our international supply chain and logistical solutions with customer construction schedules.

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Control Project Costs and Timelines

We have developed close partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure reliable supply, an extensive range of quality products, and the best pricing. We are able to proactively identify obsolescence risks and provide expert substitution without compromising quality or the project schedule. Our goal is to ensure the right products are onsite at the right time, in the right quantities. This improves efficiency and site productivity, and substantially reduces costs and material surplus.

To achieve this, we develop a comprehensive purchasing and delivery plan aligned with the customer’s construction schedule which is maintained for the life of the project.  The CNW plan includes a production schedule for manufacturers and a work plan for the delivery of materials to site as they are needed.  A documented and integrated plan allows CNW to understand the impacts and advise the customer in the event of project changes.

Materials Management Aligned with Construction Schedules Project Controls Diagram