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CNW Energy specialises in electrical materials management and we provide quality, cost-effective solutions backed by domain knowledge, personalised service and highly responsive management. Our major project experience is unparalleled and our excellence in project delivery has seen some of the world’s biggest companies grant us blanket supply agreements for the entire electrical category.

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Consolidated Electrical Supply Chain Solutions

Consolidating a supply agreement with CNW ensures standardised quality, pricing and processes across multiple suppliers, sites, and all your sub-contractors. We are able to proactively identify obsolescence risks and provide expert substitution without compromising quality or the project schedule.

Through expert electrical category management, we assist our customers to reduce supply chain risk and deliver large, long term projects in sectors with rigorous compliance requirements. We provide an integrated solution from one trusted source to simplify procurement and improve overall efficiency through:

Consistent Quality and Standardised Processes  

Every project is different so we leverage our experience to customise and deliver the best solutions. Our teams of sourcing specialists, logisticians, customer service agents and project expediters provide a range of tailored services such as: initial planning; materials management; assembly and kitting; documentation and quality control; product sourcing; system integration; scheduled site supply; cable management; and technical support.

All CNW supply chain solutions are tailored to augment a customer’s organic capabilities using one or more of the following services:

By consolidating their electrical supply agreements to one trusted source, our customers are free to concentrate on successful project delivery.